Art Hanging

Arakawa rails make hanging artwork a snap. Wall rails such as our CRE and CRJ are the most common choices, and all you need is the rail clip, cable and hook (or other midway gripper) and you are ready to hang your art. Our products are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive, so that you can show off your artwork, not the hardware that hangs it.

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In this installation, home owners used the CRB1800-a ceiling and floor railing to hang their eclectic art collection salon style.  The cables, BS1R rail clip and BS23BRSET rail tensioner go unnoticed and the artwork remains the primary focus.

Artist Carrie McGee loves Arakawa hardware to hang her installations because it provides dozens of options for attaching securely to her creations, while not distracting from the colorful acrylic artwork. Here she used the BS30 along the edges of her pieces.

In this public space installation, acrylic artist Carrie McGee used CRB1800 railing in the ceiling with the BS1R rail clip and various midway gripper attachments to create a dramatic effect of seemingly floating colorful shapes.

CRJ1800-a is cleverly hidden from view behind molding in this art gallery installation. Using wall railings like the CRJ1800-a and CRE1800-a allows for artwork to be easily rotated to create fresh exhibitions and make room for new pieces.

Art hanging hooks like the SF20RPS, shown here, can hang artwork that weighs up to 155lbs, depending on the cable size that is used with it. The safety cap and closing clasp help keep artwork secure and prevent unintentional movement while remaining hidden behind the frame.

Wall-Mounted Art Rail

CRE1800-a and CRJ1800-a are the most commonly used rails Arakawa provides.  Both allow your artwork to be installed and changed with ease, and without having to continually create and repair holes in your walls. The CRJ1800-a is shown here hanging framed artwork with the help of the CR1 and CR6 rail clips, and the AF3P116SS midway hook.  

Ceiling-Mounted Art Rail

The CRB1800-a is a surface-mounted ceiling rail, shown here hanging various sizes of artwork from the ceiling with the BS1R rail clip and midway grippers BS30, AD1 and BS20RPS.

Angled Walls & Ceilings

If you are deailing with a sloped ceiling, or you want to hang your artwork along the angle of a staircase, CRB1800-a and CRC1800-a can accommodate this. With the rail installed onto the wall with the u-channel facing out into the room, the BS32RSET clips into the rail and pivots to allow the cables to remain vertical, and your artwork to be suspended and adjusted anywhere along the path of the rail.

Thought starters for your art hanging project

Here are a few questions to consider when using Arakawa products for art hanging installations:

  1. Are you attaching to the ceiling or the wall?
  2. Do you want to use railing or stationary attachment points on your ceiling/wall?
  3. How heavy are the pieces you wish to hang?
  4. How do you want to attach to your artwork? By connecting to your picture wire or d-ring? With hardware attached directly to the frame?
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